“Coffee: Beans, barista and latte art”, is the first comprehensive guide to barista skills designed to make the most of the iPads bigger screen (although there is a iPhone version too).

Graphically stunning with loads of coffee photography, an interactive flavour map of the world, an illustrated “menu” guide, and key skills outlined with step by step instructions on the “blackboard”, or double tap the screen to go through these steps picture by picture. Still need help? Then watch the many videos on everything from grinder setting to all the main latte art patterns.

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SCAE Professional Barista Course & Qualification

The SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) Professional Barista Qualification is internationally recognised, counting towards the overall SCAE Coffee Diploma. It is the highest level of the SCAE barista qualifications (Foundation, Intermediate and Professional), suitable for baristas with extensive prior experience. Candidates must hold the the Intermediate barista qualification.

Coffee Community was pleased to be part of the global team that helped develop this qualification and so you can be sure of the very best in knowledge, skills and facilities on the course.

The course lasts two and a half days, covering all the key skills required by the qualification, which can be taken in the final afternoon of the three days should you wish (There is an additional cost from the SCAE for administering the exam of €180 for members or €270 for non members, both exclusive of vat).


Who is it for?

The course is suitable for those with extensive barista knowledge who want to push their knowledge and skills to the very highest level.

The course would be suitable for anyone managing barista skills and quality at a high level, perhaps involved in barista training.

The Intermediate Barista Qualification must be held before taking the Professional Qualification.

The course in detail:

The course covers the key areas needed for the Professional Barista curriculum (please feel free to contact us for a full copy of the SCAE Barista Curriculum):

  • Full understanding of your beans: species, origin, processing and roast, and what flavours this gives to the barista
  • Fully understanding the science behind espresso extraction and using dose, texture, water quantity and temperature to adapt flavour
  • Analysing your espresso through TDS and extraction percentages
  • Managing freshness in your coffee
  • Workspace management: understanding how to lay out your cafe for speed, efficiency and good customer flow
  • Understanding the science behind different grinder technology 
  • Managing effective dosing distribution and tamping in your team
  • Understanding the science behind new machine technology: multi-boiler, PID, pressure profiling etc.
  • Understanding the science behind milk and how this can be used to create great foam and identify problems
  • Consistently produce excellent “microfoam
  • Develop greater latte art skills
  • Develop your own drinks menu
  • Understand regional variations in drinks produced around the world
  • Manage hygiene, health & safety in your cafe
  • Manage customer service in your cafe
  • Learn how to check and manage water quality 
  • Understand what drives profit and loss in your cafe
  • LUNCH (provided each day – let us know any dietary requirements)

The three days include lots of practical experience using a range of quality espresso equipment. Training notes are provided.

Students can choose to take the SCAE exam on the final afternoon. There is an additional cost from the SCAE for administering the exam, for successful candidates only (€150 for members or €225 for non members, ex vat).

Associated courses:

The SCAE Coffee Diploma is the most complete system of coffee education offered. It is obtained by gaining 100 points from the students choice of courses in six different ares:

  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Green Coffee
  • Sensory Skills
  • Roasting
  • Brewing
  • Barista Skills

Each are offers courses at three levels:

  • Foundation (Offering 5 points towards the Diploma)
  • Intermediate (Offering 10 points towards the Diploma)
  • Professional (Offering 25 points towards the Diploma)

Coffee Community offers Introduction to Coffee, the full range of barista qualifications and is soon to offer the brewing qualifications.

Qualification SCAE Certification (on successful completion with points towards your diploma). Additional SCAE exam administration charges apply
Location Dark Woods Roastery, Marsden
Time Three day course: 9.30am-5.00pm each day
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Skill Level Advanced
Price £895.00
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