“Coffee: Beans, barista and latte art”, is the first comprehensive guide to barista skills designed to make the most of the iPads bigger screen (although there is a iPhone version too).

Graphically stunning with loads of coffee photography, an interactive flavour map of the world, an illustrated “menu” guide, and key skills outlined with step by step instructions on the “blackboard”, or double tap the screen to go through these steps picture by picture. Still need help? Then watch the many videos on everything from grinder setting to all the main latte art patterns.

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SCAE Coffee Diploma Certificate Payments

We hope you enjoyed your course at Coffee Community. This page allows you pay on line for your SCAE certification fee.

Please do not purchase the certifications below unless you have been contacted by Coffee Community after taking your exam.

SCAE examination costs:
€60 Introduction to Coffee (exclusive of VAT)
€60 Foundation (exclusive of VAT)
€80 members, €150 nonmembers for Intermediate (exclusive of VAT)
€150 members, €225 nonmembers for Professional (exclusive of VAT)

Courses Available

See the full range of courses available on our “Barista Courses” page.


Price £53.50 £73.76 £138.00 £138.00 £207.00 £50.00
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