“Coffee: Beans, barista and latte art”, is the first comprehensive guide to barista skills designed to make the most of the iPads bigger screen (although there is a iPhone version too).

Graphically stunning with loads of coffee photography, an interactive flavour map of the world, an illustrated “menu” guide, and key skills outlined with step by step instructions on the “blackboard”, or double tap the screen to go through these steps picture by picture. Still need help? Then watch the many videos on everything from grinder setting to all the main latte art patterns.

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Foundation Barista Skills


This course gets you up and running with all the key skills you need to operate your espresso machine, from setting your grinder for perfect espresso extraction, foaming and texturing your milk for the full range of café drinks, through to care and maintenance.

The techniques you will learn have been tried and tested by the World’s best baristas and developed through our work with the world championships over the years. That does not necessarily make them hard to learn it just means you will pick up the best techniques first time around!

The day is designed to be hands on to ensure you are confident using the skills you pick up.

If you feel confident, you may choose to take the SCA Foundation Barista Skills Qualification at the end of the day. (There is an additional cost from the SCA for administering the exam of €60, plus vat, for members and non members).

Who's it for?

–       Anyone who has just bought, or is thinking of buying, an espresso machine
–       Anyone planning to open a cafe
–       People using an espresso machine who want to get better result
–       The course is aimed at commercial espresso machine users but keen home baristas are welcome too.

The Day in Detail

–       A brief introduction to your coffee: varieties, origins and flavours
–       The importance of freshness
–       Choosing the right machine and grinder
–       Setting your grinder: dose and grind texture
–       Calibrating your espresso machine: water quantities and temperature
–       Steps to producing your espresso
–       LUNCH (provided – let us know any dietary requirements)
–       Introduction to milk
–       Techniques to texturing and foaming
–       The barista menu
–       Introduction to latte art
–       Care & maintenance of your machine


Associated courses

The SCA Coffee Education Program is the most complete system of coffee education offered. It is obtained by gaining 100 points from the students choice of courses in six different ares:

  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Green Coffee
  • Sensory Skills
  • Roasting
  • Brewing
  • Barista Skills

Each are offers courses at three levels:

  • Foundation (Offering 5 points towards the Diploma)
  • Intermediate (Offering 10 points towards the Diploma)
  • Professional (Offering 25 points towards the Diploma)

Coffee Community offers Introduction to Coffee, the full range of barista qualifications and is soon to offer the brewing qualifications.

Once completing your Foundation level and practising your skills, why not try the Intermediate level and work towards your Coffee Diploma.

Qualification SCAE Foundation
Skill Level Begginer
Location Dark Woods Roastery, Marsden
Time Full Day Course: 10am - 4:30pm
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Date All dates are now on www.darkwoodscoffee.co.uk
Price £160.00 £160.00 £160.00 £160.00 £160.00

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