“Coffee: Beans, barista and latte art”, is the first comprehensive guide to barista skills designed to make the most of the iPads bigger screen (although there is a iPhone version too).

Graphically stunning with loads of coffee photography, an interactive flavour map of the world, an illustrated “menu” guide, and key skills outlined with step by step instructions on the “blackboard”, or double tap the screen to go through these steps picture by picture. Still need help? Then watch the many videos on everything from grinder setting to all the main latte art patterns.

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Opening a café: essential steps

These two days will give you a host of experience to set you on the way to opening a great café and a successful business.

The course will go over the vital business information required, from developing your café concept right through to opening the doors and planning your second! Along side this will be the barista knowledge required to help you choose your coffee and equipment, how to lay this out effectively to maximize sales, and the skills required for excellent quality coffee.

Private courses are available also. This way we can go into detail on your personal plans for your café and apply the knowledge to your specific requirements as we go through (£685.00 ex vat per day).

Price discounted to £595.00 for for two people attending the open course from the same business.

Please contact us for details


“We found the hours spent incredibly useful and interesting – found you to be a very effective and enjoyable ‘teacher’ and have no doubt that the investment will perhaps be the most rewarding of our entire ‘cafe opening’ journey”

Nichola & Phil, Cycle cafe

Who is it for?

Anyone planning to open a café
Anyone wanting to pick up tips to help manage their existing café

The days in detail

Start with some statistics on the cafe market and future trends to confirm if your plans are a good idea!

Learn how to develop a cafe brand:

  • How should I develop my cafe “concept”
  • How do I identify my target customers
  • How do I choose my name and check if anyone else is using it
  • How do I develop my logo


Know what to expect financially:

  • How much is it going to cost me to set up?
  • How do I judge what rent I should be paying?
  • How much profit should I expect to make?
  • How do I work out what I should be charging?


Learn how to develop an effective business plan.

Learn how to choose a location:

  • Is an expensive high street site best or somewhere cheaper off the beaten track?
  • How should I assess footfall


What should you consider about your layout and design:

  • Customer flow
  • Efficient work flow
  • Maximising and managing seating areas
  • Image and style


What considerations should you have when designing your menu:

  • Meeting your customers quality needs
  • Ease of production and minimising waste
  • What equipment will I need
  • What service style should you use
  • What prices should I charge and how much should it cost me


What legal considerations should I consider?

  • A1 vs A3 planning permission
  • Environmental health requirements
  • Health & Safety requirements
  • VAT
  • Licensed sites
  • Other legal requirements


How do I get people in my store buying?

  • Maximising your “curb appeal”
  • Effective merchandising, menus and signage


Learn the basics of making great coffee:

  • Learn essential barista skills
  • Learn what to look for in a good coffee roaster
  • Learn what espresso machine and grinder is right for you
  • Get advise on suppliers and the best deals


Get impartial advise and suggestions on good suppliers on everything from shopfitters through to food suppliers

Get advise on planning the opening:

  • Planning your staff and what to pay them
  • Planning your PR
  • Training and dry runs


Learn how to monitor and control your costs once your open

Planning your next steps

Associated Courses

Any of our barista courses will help you perfect your skills and the better your coffee the more likely you are to increase your market share.
Once you are up and running try out our “How to improve your Café Sales” courses

Qualification Coffee Community Certificate
Skill Level Begginer/Intermediate
Location Dark Woods Roastery, Marsden
Time Two day course: 9.30am – 5.00pm each day

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Price £365.00 £595.00
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