“Coffee: Beans, barista and latte art”, is the first comprehensive guide to barista skills designed to make the most of the iPads bigger screen (although there is a iPhone version too).

Graphically stunning with loads of coffee photography, an interactive flavour map of the world, an illustrated “menu” guide, and key skills outlined with step by step instructions on the “blackboard”, or double tap the screen to go through these steps picture by picture. Still need help? Then watch the many videos on everything from grinder setting to all the main latte art patterns.

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Latte Art

Latte Art is one of our most popular courses. The attractive patterns formed with the coffees crèma and textured milk used to be thought just possible poured by the best Italian baristas years ago but now is considered a essential for all top baristas. With experience judging the World Latte Art Championships for the last four years and producing latte art photography for many leading brands, you can be sure to learn the techniques you need with Coffee Community.

Who is it for?

It is best if you have the basic barista skills to make the most of the day. Domestic espresso machines tend to lack the power to produce good latte art and so it is great if you have access to a commercial machine to hone your skills

The day in detail

Milk Science: A quick look at “the other” ingredient. Using information from the dairy industry to dispel many of the common myths that baristas believe about milk. Using science to explain the best techniques to foam and texture milk for great “microfoam” Two essential skills to pouring any latte art pattern, the secrets to pouring latte art. Start by pouring hearts, with lots of practice time, then on to rosettas, and tulips – we will coach you all day to get you mastering as many patterns as possible. Finally on to etching, making bears, birds, elephants, trees and even beach scenes in the top of your drinks.

Associated courses

It is best to have completed the Essential barista skills first in order to make the most of this day

Qualification Coffee Community Certificate
Skill Level Intermediate
Time Half Day Course: 1pm - 4.30pm
Location Dark Woods Roastery, Marsden
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Price £95.00
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